Math620040 Spring 2017 Commutative Algebra

Day/Time: 18:30 - 21:05, Mondays (02/27/2017 - 06/12/2017)
Chenyan Wu
Contact Information: chywu "at"
Office: HGD 2310
Textbook: Introduction to Commutative Algebra by M.F. Atiyah and I. G. MacDonald

Course Description:

This course aims to give the prerequisites of the course on Algebraic Geometry. We will cover all 11 chapters of the textbook. Time permitting we will also discuss some parts of Serre's book, Local Fields. Students are welcome to suggest additional topics. Students are expected to have taken a course on Abstract Algebra.

Homework will be assigned every week but not collected. Students are encouraged to discuss the assignments. Near the middle of the semester students will report on homework problems and they will be evaluated in terms of correctness and clarity of their talk. The final is to take place on date to be announced. Grade will be based on the seminar talk and the final.