Number Theory Seminar @ University of Melbourne

Alex Ghitza and I are running a working seminar on things number-theoretic.

Time: 13:00 - 14:00 Mon. (Melbourne local time) for 2024S1.

Venue: Peter Hall 162 (The 🌟NEW🌟 seminar room)

Please go to the Number Theory Research Group website where you can find a link to join our mailing list. You will receive the Zoom link and announcements of talks.

8 Apr. 2024

Eisenstein series (GL2 and Siegel cases) with examples
Bowan Hafey

15 Apr. 2024

Parabolic subgroups with examples
Bowan Hafey

1 Apr. 2024

Easter Break. No Talk. April Fool's Day. It is true, no talk.

25 Mar. 2024

Reductive groups with examples
Riley Moriss

18 Mar. 2024

Elliptic curves and Tate modules with examples
Kwan Sheng Ong

11 Mar. 2024

Group schemes with examples
Riley Moriss

4 Mar. 2024

A grand overview of the universe of Number Theory