How to Add Page Numbers to pdf

With the prevalence of Zoom seminars, I have an increasing amount of handwritten notes… without page numbers. Once you print them out and let wind ruffle them or you turn them back and forth for too many times, you get lost. Once you get lost, the quickest remedy is to reprint a copy and remember to staple the pages this time!!!

Anyway let's just add page numbers. As academics always have a LaTeX suite, we'll just use this file

% clear all header and footer
\fancyhf {}
\renewcommand{\headrulewidth} {0pt}

If you have fish shell, you can run this script which, in addition, can extract pages and combine several pdf. If you don't need the page number business, there is qpdf which doesn't need a LaTeX suite. One institute made me stitch my pdf into one when submitting my application. It was definitely not Melbourne.